Boarding at Camp Wagalot: (24 hour period) – Our sleepovers are a very intimate care option, a marriage between a home and a traditional boarding experience. Each dog has its own private bunk to eat, sleep and rest, but the dogs are supervised extensively to ensure safety and a healthy experience. The service we provide is best served for dogs that are social: if they enjoy the company of other dogs and humans, then boarding at Camp Wagalot is an excellent option. It is imperative that our team and the dogs are safe, so all dogs must be approved before they are able to attend Camp Wagalot.

Multiple visit passes available – ask for rates
Long term care available

24 Hour Period
$45 per dog
$80/two dogs
$120/three dogs
$160/four dogs
(Add $10.00 per day for dogs who need private care and puppies under 10 months, as both need extra supervision and private care.)

Arrival/Departure times are scheduled every 15 minutes (based upon appointment) during the following windows: 

Sept 1 - June 30:
8-9:45 am
12-1:45 pm
4-6:00 pm

July 1 - August 31:
8-9:45 am
4-6:00 pm

Additional services, such as spa treatments, are also available.