GROOMING: doggie day spa!

Located at 1050 South Street, Pittsfield, Massachusetts, we created Camp Wagalot Doggie Spa (413-443-0291) in response to the requests from hundreds of clients who wanted us to apply our Camp Philosophy to the grooming experience. Our professional dog grooming facility has the calming and healing attributes you would find in a spa for humans. With a safe, healthy, humane grooming experience as our goal, our groomers are kind, skilled professionals who take the time needed to make our clients feel comfortable through the grooming experience.

Our Spa menu, with its competitive pricing, includes all basic grooms as well as fun add-ons that include Doggie Facials, Four Paw Petacures and more. Our environmentally-friendly treatments can include hypoallergenic, conditioning, allergy, flea, and organic essential oils, each tailored to the specific needs of each dog.

Services are available by appointment, ranging from 9am to 3pm, Tuesday through Saturday, depending on space availability and needs of clients; walk-in petacures are available Tuesday through Saturday from 9am to 2:30pm. Rates may be tailored to each dog’s unique care requirements and temperament. We also offer special discounts for rescue dogs and low-income pet owners.


Bath and Blowdry: $40
Face to fanny fur trim: please inquire, it depends on the dog!
Bath and Towel dry: $30  
(Long Fur and Large Dogs: $10 additional charge) 

Petacure, Trim: $10 ($7 on Saturdays)
Petacure, Dremel: $15-20
Saturday, 9am-230pm, $7 walk-in

Please inquire about additional treatments at 413-443-0291!