Our goal: Happy, well-adjusted dogs!
— Jennifer M. Andrews, Owner/Camp Wagalot

Camp Philosophy

Every dog is a unique creature, each with its own personality, habits and life experience. Camp Wagalot provides personalized daycare and boarding that recognizes and celebrates each camper as an individual. We specialize in the socialization of dogs in a safe, fun and stimulating environment, using positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques, along with constant supervision, to cultivate good social skills and manners among our campers. Our intimate approach allows us to tailor a play or boarding program uniquely suited for your pup’s development.

After a rigorous intake session during which we evaluate your dog based on size, age, temperament, energy level and play style, we work up his/her behavioral profile to determine the best playgroup for your pup. We ensure that our on-boarding process is very structured and centered on building relationships along a timeline that suits your dog. Being with like-minded campers helps them build and maintain manners and practice self-regulation while offering the structure that all dogs need. Our attention to each of these playgroups allows us to guide our campers to help build their confidence and hone their social skills. 

We know that active, socialized pets are happy pets, so we work hard to get your dog to play hard (within his/her ability, of course!), exercising them both mentally and physically. Campers have access to almost 20,000 square feet of fenced in play yards, allowing them to be outside year-round (weather and breed permitting). We also offer off-campus hikes, walks and transport—please text us with questions.