Playcare is our signature service that helps your dog develop social skills, while giving him/her plenty of fresh air and exercise, leaving you with a happy, well-adjusted buddy at the end of the day. We specialize in the socialization of dogs in a safe, fun and stimulating environment, using positive reinforcement and behavior modification techniques, along with constant supervision, to cultivate good social skills and manners among our campers. Our intimate approach allows us to tailor a playcare program uniquely suited for your pup’s development. For more on our Camp Philosophy, please go here… [linkto:]

Playcare is great for dogs that will be home alone for extended periods of time during the day. If you are traveling to the Berkshires and want to enjoy all that the area has to offer without worrying about your best friend, drop your dog off to play at Camp while you explore. Ask about our pick up/drop off service, along with grooming/spa treatments.

One Dog: 
0-4 hours – $20.00
4-8 hours – $30.00

Add $10.00 for dogs who need private care and puppies under 10 months, as both need extra supervision and private care.

Arrival/Departure times are scheduled every 15 minutes (based upon appointment) during the following windows: 

Sept 1 - June 30:

8-9:45 am
12-1:45 pm
4-6:00 pm

July 1 - Aug 31:

8-9:45 am
4-6:00 pm